To eat Healthy,Delicious & Fresh, you don’t need to spend a lot.

Le seavion is not just a brand. It's a movement to bring fresh food at your table. So that you can dine with satisfaction. Situated in a busy hub of the port city, Chattogram. Le seavion aims to provide fresh & healthy dining experience to common mass with an affordable price.

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From Kitchen with Love

We aim to source fresh seafood always in your table so that you can have a great dining experience with us. Alongside we have some of the finest breed of cattle meat and farm Birds that would make your tummy want more

For these, we took a oath to follow some regulations which are as follows.

Rule 3 – Perfectly Treated Ingredients

We treat all our ingredients with the utmost respect using techniques, which came from Japanese…


Rule 2 – Fresh from Barn

Meats are a great source of protien and energy. If you cant get them fresh…


Rule 1 – Fresh from Sea

While it comes to the term of serving seafood, we only serve the best catch…


Rule 4 – Perfect Cutluries

We aim to focus on using proper sized fork,knife and spoon for your diner experience…


Rule 5 – Home Grown Ingredients

We aim to be one of the lowest “food-mile” restaurants in the world; hence we…


Rule 6 – We Serve HALAL

Everything you get in our restaurant is HALAL. We tend to make it a habit…


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A Chef’s Journey

This journey starts with a chef/food freak, who was born and raised in such a beautiful city of Bangladesh with extraordinary food habit made his passion of becoming a chef boost like a rocket.
3 years as a Traveler, Creative writer, Food blogger, entrepreneur and a designer by hobby,  he is a dreamer and the Co founder of Le Seavion Bistro.
It was always his dream of becoming a culinary freak and share his views about food.
So, let’s take the journey with him and his team to explore exquisite delight and fragrant flavors throughout the path and shores around the globe.



We'd love to see you soon. Just pick a date and your desired time and sit back. We'll take care of that.

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